Special Need Service

Everyone needs to be able to have dental care.
However, some patients need to stay in their comfort zone to have their dental care provided at a better outcome.
People with physical, mental and emotional disabilities may have problems getting into the surgery or even into the dental chair. People with learning disabilities may become overanxious at the thought of going to the dentist or may need extra reassurance.

Who can provide treatment?
Our dental practitioner will be happily provide the dental care for the patients with special needs at their most comfort zone for example, home visits and special health centres.

Is there anything to make brushing easier?
For some people, moving their arms or hands can be a problem, which makes effective cleaning difficult. It is important to reach all the areas of the mouth to clean effectively. A toothbrush with a small to medium head size with soft to medium bristles is usually recommended. There are special handgrips and other adaptations which can be fitted to manual toothbrushes to make them easier to hold.

In some cases, electric or ‘power’ toothbrushes are recommended for people with mobility problems.

They are also helpful to people with learning difficulties as they can be a novelty and therefore encourage brushing. The dental practitioner or dental team will be able to offer advice and practical help on brushing and general mouth care.

special-care dentistry

How often should I visit the dental team for care?

It is important to visit the dental team regularly minimum every 4-6 months, but some people need to visit less often and others more often. The dental team will be able to advice you.

The dental practitioner will arrange appointments for professional clean to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and offer advice on how to brush effectively and keep your mouth clean and healthy.
The dental team may also offer advice to care givers about the dental care of others. It is very important to build a relationship between the dental team, the patient and their care giver. This can help greatly with people who have severe


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